One of the main features of the system is the built-in statistics and hypothesis testing function which could serve you with a high-level evaluation capability. The system offers various types of automatically created statistical reports (with the support of an installed R software) you only need to select the type of the statistic and set the evaluation conditions. To make your work even easier these settings can also be exported as a template and re-used in the future for a next evaluation.

Types of the available automatic descriptive statistical analysis:

  • Base statistics (Mean, SD, Min, Max, SD Error) with delta value calculations,
  • More variables at a specific time point,
  • One variable at more time points,
  • Variables at a specific time point relative to another variable at a specific time point,
  • Change in the value of a variable between specific time points,
  • Categorical observation data.

The software provides the possibility of automatically performed hypothesis testing and indicates the significance levels in the cases of several descriptive statistics. As default only the final results of the applied tests are readable on the screen, but the detailed log file is also available and can be saved into an independent file.

The results appeared on the screen can be exported in CSV form in order to use them as source for external statistical programs (SAS, SPSS, R). Additionally they can be printed out or exported in PDF and use as a report of the study.


  • DS_VariablesInSpecificTime
  • DS_VariablesInSpecificTime_with_manual_hyp_test
    consumption by group

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