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About us

adware_epulet_kicsiAdWare Research was established in 1997 and it is a dynamically developing pre-clinical and clinical data-management and biostatistics provider company. Its main activities are data-management, biostatistics, quality assurance, independent audit, education and consultancy. From the starts AdWare operates according to the highest standards and provides its services in accordance with the national and international regulations, its activities are regulated with SOPs. AdWare Research is a founding member, and from April 2011 the management organisation of PharmAgora Quality of Life Cluster. The company contributes to the Cluster’s strategic goals with its quality assurance, data-management and biostatistics services.
brochureThe activities of the company were broadened in 2002 by developing high quality data management software in order to provide comprehensive opportunities to our partners. With its own developed software (called Mythos) – that is in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA, and fulfils the criteria of Hungarian and international standards – AdWare ensures the outstanding informatical background of its works. Mythos is a determinant system on the data management market.

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GCP/GLP Auditing

Independent audit of the pre-clinical trials for drug registration and of the…

Project Management

AdWare Research has formed strategic alliance with FontaMed and Cortex and experts…

Quality Management System Services

High quality and quality assurance systems based on it are essential for the subsistence, for keeping already existing clients and generating new ones.


Mythos TPDMS

Mythos TPDMS

Mythos TPDMS is a comprehensive, easy to use software solution for collection, management and evaluation…
Mythos CDMS 2

Mythos CDMS 2

Mythos CDMS is a clinical data management system developed by AdWare. The Mythos CDMS streamlines…


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Az AdWare Research lett a PharmAgora Klaszter új menedzsment szervezete

Az AdWare Research lett a PharmAgora Klaszter új menedzsment szervezete

Alapító tagként az AdWare Research Kft. már a kezdetektől aktív részt vállalt…
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Saját stand a DIA Euromeeting Kiállításon

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Újabb sikeres fejlesztés

Újabb sikeres fejlesztés

Sikeresen lezárult a Mythos termék család újabb tagjának, a Mythos PDMS fejlesztése.…