TPDMS saves your time and supports your research work making easier to document your experiments. The software has the capability to create printed or electronic reports designed for archival and submission. The standard reports are generated by an advanced built-in reporting system using pre-defined report templates but their specific appearance can easily be tailored to your needs.

The following reports are available:

  • General report about the study
    It includes the base data of the experiment, the list of variables, the list of events, the list of subjects and groups and also the schedule matrix.
  • Data entry report
    The data entry person can create report about the data have been entered into the system. It can be prepared according to the subjects, the variables or the events. After printing out these documents they can be signed and used as an authentication of the entered data.
  • Status reports
    Different reports can be generated at any time about the status of all subjects, the treatment volume and the food consumption.
  • Various kinds of statistical reports
    The results of the performed statistical analysis are printable or exportable immediately and the titles and the tables can be customized. Also remarks can be added.
  • Charts
    No need of any external software for preparing and design charts in order to make your report more expressive or add graphic elements to your presentation. The appearance of the charts can be customized and defined in a really easy way as you know it from other generally used software. Besides further options you can define the appearance (e.g. point, line, bar, scatter…), the titles, the grouping conditions and set error bars.


  • Timeline with lines - BW grouped by subject groups
    merged bars
    Relationship between kidney and heart weight
    Report of variables

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